Special Education
Dept. Chair: Tina Saviano

About the Special Education Department:
The Glenbard North Special Education Department's mission is to facilitate appropriate education for students with diverse learning needs and abilities; this is accomplished by collaboration with general education to provide a continuum of services delivered in the least restrictive environment in partnership with families. We believe that:

   * All students can learn.
   * Respect and dignity are essential in the learning process.
   * Learning must be meaningful to the student.
   * Special education is not a place, but a designated array of supports and services.
   * All educators share the responsibility for the education of all learners.
   * Education will provide appropriate instruction, resources, and support to meet diverse learning needs.
   * Students should have equal opportunities to participate in educational programs and school activities, which are appropriate for their education.
   * Collaboration and communication are vital to the educational partnership among students, parents and educators.